Motoforce Shaktiman Pumpset Oil

Motoforce shaktiman pumpset oil is a specially formulated engine oil for agricultural diesel pump sets. . It has high oxidation stability and excellent detergent and dispersant properties. It protects the engine against rust, corrosion and wears and tear. The high viscosity index of the oil and additives offers excellent protection of engine components thus ensuring long engine life. It is suitable in all weather conditions and provides smooth operation of pump sets. It is applicable across a wide variety of pump applications on different farming lands.




1. Protects engine from wear and Rust
2. Easy starting even at lower ambient temperatures
3. Higher levels of engine cleanliness
4. Longer Oil Life and Equipment Life
5. Offers better fuel efficiency

Product Benefits

Suitable for use in all seasons and helps in reducing oil consumption.
Protects engine against rust, corrosion and wear.
Low maintenance cost.
Excellent resistance to oxidation and nitration.
Protects against scuffing and wear.
Protects against rust and corrosion.
Compatible with catalytic exhaust system fitted in the vehicle.


Recommended for all types of Pump-sets. The product is also suitable for other Agricultural and
Farm Equipment like Tractors, Power tillers, harvesters etc

Packaging Details

3.5 LTR / 5 LTR

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