Motoforce Rhino Synth – 4t (api sn) 20w40

Premium performance, shear stable, multigrade engine oil specifically designed for use in four-stroke motorcycles and portable power equipment meeting requirement of api sn jaso ma2 lubricants.

Color : Water White

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1. correct frictional characteristics enable smooth operation of wet clutches and back-torque limiters.
2. designed with the perfect synergy for less oil consumption, reduce engine internal friction and extreme pressure performance, for more power.
3. developed with synthetic chemistry of base oil with additives for better engine cleanliness, wear protection and long life.

Product benefits

highly effective detergent/dispersant additive system ensures excellent control of piston ring belt deposits for very good power release and acceleration.

Technical Specification

appearance : clear & bright
kinmetic viscosity cst @ 100 c : 12.5-16
viscosity index, min. : 120
pour point , c, max, : -12
flash point coc, c min : 225
tbn, mg. koh/gm : 7-8


recommended for all new generation 4 stroke, two-wheelers. plying under severe duty conditions like frequent stop & go dusty environment, variable climatic conditions, etc.


Performance and standards

meets api sn grade performance level & exceeds the stringent requirements of jaso: ma-2.

Packaging Details

210 LTR / 50 LTR / 20 LTR / 1 LTR / 900 ML

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