Motoforce Platinum - 20w40 (cf-4)

Premium quality, heavy-duty multigrade engine oil, meeting api cf – 4 performance requirements.

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1. suitable for all weather performances,
2. adequate viscosity is maintained at operation temperature for effective lubrication
3. special dispersant/detergent additives, provide excellent piston/ valve cleanliness and reduce exhaust emission.
4. reduce ring / liner wear
5. lower oil consumption and increased fuel efficiency,
6. quicker engine strat and longer battery life,
7. extended oil drain period results in lower maintenance costs.

Technical Specification

appearance : clear bright red color
kinmetic viscosity cst @ 100 c : 13.5 – 16
viscosity index, min. : 115
pour point , c, max, : -7
flash point coc, c min : 220
tbn, mg. koh/gm : 8-12


Naturally aspirated / supercharged, turbocharged, diesel engines, operating with high rign zone temperatures, under severe duty conditions.


Product benefits

Contain an additive package with antioxidant, antiwear, anticorrosion, detergent, dispersent, and antifoam agent.

Performance and standards api cf – 4, mil – l -2104c,

2. equvivelant to is – 13656 – 2002

Packaging Details

210 LTR/50 LTR/20 LTR/10 LTR/7.5 LTR/6 LTR/5 LTR/1 LTR/500 ML / 1 LTR POUCH

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