Motoforce Micro - 2t (jaso fc)

2t is a super premium lubricant specially designed for use in 2 stroke, motorcycles and scooter and 4 stroke cng rikshaw.

Color : golden

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This oil is manufactured from selected low-carbon foaming base oil and fortified with a non-metalic, ashless detergent dispersant additive and rust inhibitors to provide maximum engine protection during storage and minimize spark plug fouling, pre-ignition, ring sticking and combustion chamber deposits.

Product benefits

1. reduction in visible smoke.

2. minimizes piston ring sticking and helps reduce exhaust port fouling.

3. keeps engine parts clean.

4. mixes easily with gasoline at low tempretures for premix applications.

5. lower oil consumption. 6. environment friendly.


1. recommended for cng & petrol vehicles.

Performance and Standards:

1. meet api – tc / jaso fc

Technical Specifications:

“appearance : clear bright golden color
kinmetic viscosity cst @ 40 c : 48-56
viscosity index, min. : 109
sulphated ash % wt., max : .20
flash point coc, c min : 80”

Packaging Details

210 ltr / 50 ltr / 20 ltr 5 ltr / 1 ltr / 500 ml

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