Motoforce Hydro k 10w

superior quality oil with a high degree of wear protection designed from selected base fluids.

Color : White

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1. outstanding thermal and hydrolytic stability.
2. excellent demulsibility power and air release capability.
3. improved compatibility with seals and soft metals.

Product benefits

1. provides rust and cossosion protection.
2. exceptional resistance to oxidant and foaming provides extended oil, oil filter & equipment life.


Recommended for the high-pressure hydraulic system used in all industrial, marine, mobile and stationary equipment including construction vehicles, earth moving equipment, forklift, and cranes. 2. also used for circulation system, compressor, pump bearing & gears of industrial machinery lubrication where recommended.

Performance and standards

1. meet is – 10522 -1983, 2.din 51524 – part ll

Packaging detail

210 LTR / 50 LTR / 26 LTR / 20 LTR / 10 LTR / 5 LTR

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