Motoforce Eurotech (petrol engine oil) 20w50 api sf

super premium multigrade oil for gasoline engines. meeting api:sf/cc, performance reuqirement. being multigrade oil it has wide ranging features.

Color : Golden

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1.excellent oxidant stability results in less engine deposites.

2. higher detergency / dispersancy level keeps oil degradation product well under suspension.

3. added protection against rust, corroson and wear.

4. avoids seasonal oil changes.

Product benefits

1. easy engine start & longer battery life,

2. reduced exhaust emission,

3. increase oil drain period and better fuel efficiency.

4. lower oil consumption due to lesser tendency of oil thickening.

5. maintains stay-in-grade viscosity throughout over wide range of operating temperature.


fuel efficient petrol engine driven cars and utility vehicles.

Performance and Standards api – sf / cc, 2.equivalent to is – 13656 -1993

Technical Specifications:

“appearance : clear bright red color
kinmetic viscosity cst @ 100 c : 16.5 – 20
viscosity index, min. : 122
pour point , c, max, : -9
flash point coc, c min : 225
tbn, mg. koh/gm : 5-7.5”

Packaging Details

210 ltr / 50 ltr / 3.5 ltr / 3 ltr / 1 ltr

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