Motoforce Coolant (1-4)

motoforce long life coolant is heavy duty automotive radiator coolant used in all types of latest passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and off-high earth moving machinary.

Color : green

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this radiator coolant is made from synthetic base and is blended with selective anti-corrosion package.

Product benefits

1. aids rapid heat removal facilitating excellent heat transfer, ensuring optimum engine cooling and longer engine life.

2. anti-rust shield protects engine interior surfaces against rust and corrosion and also helps maintain engine interior cleanliness.

3. facilitates water pump greasing and lubricaiton for longer life.

4. high boiling point & low freezing point ensures all weather operation.

5. ensured quick start of the engine all round the year even in winter thus saving fuel.

Performance and Standards:

1. meet astm-d 1384/2570 performance

Packaging Details

210 ltr / 20 ltr / 5 ltr / 3 ltr / 1 ltr

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