Motoforce Boss - 4t (api sm) 20w50

Boss 4 stroke engine oils are tested by napson r&d team, they confirm to international specifications of jaso (japanese automobile standard organization) ma & mb.

Color : Golden

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1. resist viscosity and thermal breakdown at high temperature and severe operating conditions.

2. reduce exhaust emission.

Product benefits

1. higher fuel efficiency and extended oil drain period.

2. protects against scuffing and wear, enhancing engine life.

3. eco-friendly & catayltic converter compatibility.

Performance and Standards

1. meet api sl, 2. equivalent to is 13656

Packaging Details

210 ltr / 50 ltr / 20 ltr / 1 ltr / 900 ml


recommended for all new generation 4 stroke, two wheeler, plying under severe duty conditions like frequent stop & go, dusty environment, variable climatic conditions ect.

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