Moto tractor - aplr (35000)

Aplr grease is exceptional quality grease strengthened with high-performance additives.

Color: White Golden

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It has had excellent water resistance properties, high oxidation stability with superior anti-rust & anti-corrosion properties.

Product benefits

It resists water washout & enjoy all-round acceptance for both anti-friction & plain bearing lubrication.


1.Aplr 35000 grease is applicable for use in wheel bearing of heavy-duty automotive vehicles for long haul applications. It is also suitable for use in anti-friction bearings of household durables, specially packed for extended periods or long-life applications. 2. The structural capability of the grease finds its application in roller bearings of axle boxes of railways’ wagons also.

Packaging Details

180 KG / 18 KG / 7 KG / 5 KG / 3 KG / 2 KG / 1 KG / 500 GM

Performance and standards

(second revision), ipss:1-09-006 specification & u.S. Steel 374 requirements. These grease are recommended for all class of service in automotive lubrication & bearings.

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