Moto long life gel grease (nlgi-3)

Red long life jell grease is a heavy-duty grease fortified with high-performance additives to give longer life to bearings. Long life is an improved version over the regular multipurpose grease in today’s use.

Color : Red



This retains the structural stability of the grease over extended periods of operation and enhances re-lubrication interval up to 45000 km. Consequently the grease maintains a superior tackiness and remains in the bearing without leakage for a longer period.

Product benefits

The grease acts as a protective layer on exposed parts. This grease is recommended for general chassis lubrication suspension & steering system.


1. Long-life jelly grease is recommended for bearings of all automotive equipment like cars, trucks, buses, tractors and construction machinery. 2. This grease offers complete protection to the automotive wheel bearing and ensures long and trouble-free service.

Packaging Details

180 KG / 18 KG / 7 KG / 5 KG / 3 KG / 2 KG / 1 KG / 500 GM

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